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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

You can quickly create a robots.txt file by simply filling out the form below. To create custom robot text, just fill out the form below and click the "Create Robots.txt" button. To create the robots.txt file, click the "Create and Save as Robots.txt" button.

Webmasters can make their websites Googlebot-friendly by using the Robots.txt Generator. It is a tool that every website owner needs. Search engine bots visit websites daily to gather new pages. The robots.txt file must be visited first to generate permission before a search engine bot visits a website to index content. The root domain contains this file. If the robots.txt file allows access to all search engines, including Google and Yahoo. The links will be approved for indexing by the search engines.

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A robot.txt file needs to be added to your domain root directory if you are a freelancer or website owner. Start by preventing search engines from crawling the website. When finished, the development of your or a client's website grants consent for all links to be crawled.

Remember that the robots.txt file affects how links on websites are indexed. Create the file carefully, then. Any errors you make when creating the robot.txt file will prevent search engines from indexing your website. To make a unique robots.txt file, I advise using the Robots txt Generator.

You can use our software to create a unique robots.txt file if you have already generated one and need to upgrade it. By selecting the appropriate search engines from the drop-down list, you can enable or disable robots.txt files for those search engines. The following items shouldn't be added when adding the robots.txt file for the first time.

Access Page.
Message Page.
internal organisation.
Privateness Page.
You don't need to index any Media files, so remove them from the search results.
You don't need to index any of the image folders for search results.

Why Use Robots.txt Generator?

Create efficient robots.txt files to help Google and other search engines properly crawl and index your website.

You can implement a few of the suggestions listed below, which will enable you to optimise the robots.txt file.

A search engine visits all pages after reading the robots.txt file.
All of the patterns that can be found in the resource locator can be required by the wildcard instruction.
Use a robots.txt file sparingly if you want the search engine to index your website. The robots.txt file's purpose is to inform search engines that you do not want to be indexed. Therefore, your robots.txt only needs to contain instructions.